Letters of Administration are required when a person dies without a valid Will or the requirements for a grant of Probate cannot be satisfied (see further information under the heading Executors & Probate).

There are a range of applications that may be required when a person dies without a valid Will, such as:

  • Where the deceased has left no Will
  • There is a Will but no executor is named
  • The named executorsare under-age, have died, or do not have capacity.

These applications are not straight forward and usually requirethe assistance of a Lawyer.

How are your assets distributed if you die without a Will?

In circumstances where the deceased died without a Will, the assets are distributed according to the formula provided in Section 14 of the Administration Act 1903 (WA). Sometimes the formula results in beneficiaries of the deceased being disappointed and disgruntled.

If any of these circumstances apply to you, and you would like to discuss your matter with a qualified Lawyer in this area, please contact us.