Why (some) Lawyers love homemade Wills!

‘Why can’t I draft my own Will?’ you might ask.

Well you can. In fact, there is an old joke, that Lawyers love homemade Wills because lawyers make so much more money after your death, when things go wrong!

It amazes us that some people don’t want to pay a relatively modest amount to engage a lawyer to prepare their Will, and yet will pay their accountant perhaps thousands of dollars every single year to assist with their financial affairs.

If you do decide to draft your own Will, you must accept that you are taking a risk. We practice exclusively in the area of Wills and Estates and this means we frequently see the sometimes-disastrous results from homemade Wills.These can be caused by technical problems, when the will drafter has not appreciated the importance of various Will-drafting conventions, through to errors made at the time of execution of the Wills. It is frustrating for us, because these difficulties could so easily have been avoided if a competent Wills lawyer had been consulted in the first place. As a result, thousands of dollars of estate funds are spent in legal fees and inevitably there is a very long and stressful delay in distributing the assets.

We both have enjoyed many years’ experience in an interesting but rather technical area of the law is. Making a Will is a very personal (and sometimes emotional) process and at times a difficult task for people to face.

However, we take pride in our ability to make the process as painless as possible. We love seeing the relief our clients feel when they have their affairs in order.

Contact us if you don’t want to risk your estate by using a homemade Will.